A Day in the Life

A Day In The Life

“Hi there, I’m Fadli and this is a day in my life as a boarder at Matrix Global Schools.”


the clock showing 7pm
the clock showing 0700am

7.00 am

Wake up and get ready for school. Our house parents play us a song, which gives us an energetic boost to kick-off the day.  This morning Mr Bala took us back to the 80s with Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer”. Man, those guitar riffs really rocked up our morning.

7.30 am

Once we are all dressed up, my friends and I head over to the canteen for breakfast, where every day is a delightful surprise with either a touch of sambal from nasi lemak or a sunny side up to keep us smiling.

the clock showing 730pm
the clock showing 0730am
the clock showing 8am
the clock showing 0800am

8.00 am

First class of the day is English and today we learned how to write an essay and later recited Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” for our literature component.

9.15 am

I meet my friends from international and private school because we have the same break time. We’d always have a good time discussing about where were planning to head to this coming weekend.

the clock showing 1215pm
the clock showing 0915am
the clock showing 1045pm
the clock is showing 11.45am

11.45 am

Time for my Accounting class, I really enjoy the style of teaching and the small class size. Everyone from my classmates right to my teacher has just been so supportive and encouraging.

12.15 pm

I was craving for some Indian food and voila! What do you know, vegetarian fish curry to satisfy the belly.

the clock showing 1215pm
the clock showing 1215pm
the clock showing 1345pm
the clock showing 0145pm

1.45 pm

Next is physics, this week our lesson is focused on levers and how much force to apply depending on the weight and position of the fulcrum.

3.15 pm

School ends, I get ready CCAs. Throughout the week I have futsal training for the upcoming friendly matches we have with the schools close-by.

the clock showing 1515pm
the clock showing 0315pm
the clock showing 430pm
the clock showing 0430pm

4.30 pm

I go back to the boarding house to rest for a while and then I head over to the laundry to collect my clothes.

6.00 pm

Dinner is served in the canteen, where all of us together with the house parents and eat together.

the clock showing 6pm
the clock showing 0600pm
the clock showing 8am
the clock showing 0800am

8.00 pm

After dinner, I would revise and complete my homework assignments and prepare for tomorrow.

9.30 pm

Nothing beats a good glass of milo before bed.

the clock showing 930pm
the clock showing 0930pm
the clock showing 1030pm
the clock showing 1030pm

10.30 pm

There goes my phone, handed back to our house parents and lights are turned out. That’s my day as a boarder, what’s yours like?