Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



AAWhat are the school hours?

You can find out the school hours here.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, Scholarships are open to students who have outstanding achievements not only in sports, talent, academics but also students who display strong leadership qualities and exceptional character. Scholarship covers only school fees; quantum offered (100%, 75%, 50% and 25%) is subjected to a candidate’s achievements. Our scholarship is open to Upper Secondary (Form 4 or Year 10, Form 5 or Year 11, A Levels).

Does the fees incurred cover uniforms and books?

No, the estimate cost of uniforms and books will be RM1,000 for Matrix International Early Years and RM2,000 for Matrix Private National School and Matrix International School.

Is transportation provided?

Yes, with an additional fee. Transportation is outsourced to third party school bus operators who are properly insured and registered with SPAD and parents have to make arrangements with these operators. Although the operators offer an extensive transport service, the fleet does not travel to all areas of Seremban.

If you wish your child to use the school bus, please contact our Reception for the contact numbers of the transport operators.

What are the differences between Matrix Private School and Malaysian public schools?

The MPS students has the advantage of having world-class education facilities which includes interactive boards in each classroom, active use of iPads in learning, artificial turf football field, fully equipped gymnasium and sports complex, a double story library and an International community that nurtures global mindset.

This is further enhanced with strategically planned experiential learning methodology which expose the students to activities above and beyond classroom teaching such as frequent educational trips locally and abroad, full-scale musical productions, entrepreneurial activities and active efforts to help the surrounding community.

The students also have the option to challenge themselves academically by taking additional public examinations, namely the Cambridge Checkpoint and the IGCSE.

At the very basic, our class size is much smaller at a maximum of 25 students per class which allows for more opportunities of personalized guidance from our teachers.

What facilities do you have in the campus?

Libraries, auditoriums, lecture theatres, science laboratories, arts and performance studios, recording studios, arts and craft studios, music studios, orchestra studios, ICT labs and Little Chef Kitchens. Sports facilities include a 400m running track, artificial turf football field, indoor futsal, badminton and basketball, squash, fully equipped gymnasium and wall climbing. The d’Tempat Country Club, a subsidiary of Matrix Concept Holding Berhad, is adjacent to the school campus and provides an Olympic sized swimming pool, squash courts, tennis courts and a bowling alley.

What makes Matrix Global Schools different from other Private and International School?

Despite being a new player in the private and international educational sector in Malaysia, MGS is equipped with the necessary facilities and state-of-the-art global methodology. MGS aims to provide quality education at par with those offered at Tier 1 schools, while maintaining a Tier 2 school fees.

When are the school holidays? Are they the same as the local Government schools?

No, holidays in Matrix Global Schools differ from the gazetted public school holidays. MPS holidays fall at around the same time as MIS, albeit a few days different.

Where is the school?

Matrix Global Schools is nestled in Bandar Sri Sendayan, a first class township located within the Greater Klang Valley Conurbation in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. The town is 10 minutes away from the Seremban toll and 35 minutes from KLIA.

The school is surrounded by lush greenery with many residential projects boasting parks and manicured gardens, providing a nurturing environment for children.

Will there be any support given to the weak students?

Yes, we do offer extra support for weak students by offering extra classes in our Private school and English Language support classes in the International School.

It is important that all students are able to participate in the education offered. We are an English International School and a mix of English and Bahasa Melayu in the Private Malaysian School.

Cambridge A Levels

a level

Can I change/add/drop subjects?

Yes, you can. However, we do not encourage constant switching as it affects your learning outcome and extends your hours. There are deadlines set for to add/drop/change a subject in the first 2 terms.

How many subjects do I have to take?

You may choose 3 to 4 subjects. Global Perspectives and Research is, however, additional and compulsory.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, students are expected to dress in smart casual attire.

What are the class hours?

A Levels students class schedule starts at 9.00am – 1.00pm or 9.00am – 2.00pm depending on the intake

What extra facilities are open to the A Levels?

Facilities available to A Levels students are the library, lecture theatre, labs (tech, science and arts), sports facilities, production rooms boarding house and many facilitate a good learning experience.

What is unique about A Levels at Matrix Global Schools (MGS)?

There are a wide range of subjects for students to choose from with different subject combinations. Global Perspective and Research as a compulsory subject that adds value to students to ensure they meet the demands of 21st century learning and make a successful transition to study in higher education. There is also an MGS A Levels Leadership programme which is unique only to the school. There are series of programmes to cultivate strong leadership skills amongst all A Levels students.

Will there be after class consultations?

Yes, consultation hours are usually after class hours and it will be fixed by the lecturers.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)


Is it compulsory to join CCA?

The requirement to participate in CCA varies by school and age group.

  • It is compulsory for Boarders to have 4 days of CCA.
  • MIS (Year 1 – 11): CCA is optional but strongly encouraged
  • MPS (Standard 4 – 6 & Form 1 – 5): compulsory to join minimum of three (3) CCAs which consists of one (1) uniform unit, one (1) society / club & one (1) sports activity as per the Ministry of Education’s requirement.
  • MPS (Standard 1 – 3): compulsory to join the CCA unless requested by the parent / guardian to opt out
What are the differences between CCA and ECA?

CCA does not incur additional charges as it is already inclusive in the tuition fee. On the contrary, additional charges will be incurred for Extra-curricular Activities (ECA) based on the rates charged by the external providers / coaches.

Boarding House


Can I visit my child at the Boarding House?

Yes. However, visitors to the boarding house must be introduced to a member of staff; visitors are only allowed in the communal areas and not the dormitories.

Can they access the internet?

The Boarding house facilities include WiFi access.

Can they have a mobile phone?

Yes. All Boarders may bring only 1 mobile phone to the Boarding house. However, they would need to surrender the phones during prep time (supervised usage for learning and research is allowed) as well as during bedtime. Inappropriate use will lead to confiscation / disciplinary action.

Can they stay at the school during long term break?

No. We do not encourage students to stay in the Boarding House during long term breaks. All students should take this opportunity to return home and spend quality time with their families.

How are the rooms assigned?

Boarders are placed in deluxe rooms (dorms) of four to six students based on their schools (due to different school holidays), age groups and gender.

Is there any service for short term boarding?

Yes. Requests must be made at least one week in advance and subject to the approval of the Head of Boarding House. The rate for short term boarding is RM120 per night.

What do we bring to the Boarding House?

Among these items to prepare are toiletries, towels, casual clothes, modest sleepwear, light jackets, sandals and sports shoes. A full checklist of what to bring and what not to bring, as well as the Boarding House Handbook, will be provided to each Boarder once the admissions process is completed.

What is included in the boarding fees?

Boarding fees are inclusive of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and laundry (twice a week).

Where is the Boarding house?

Matrix Global Schools’ Boarding House is located within the campus and secured by round the clock security and CCTV monitors.

Who looks after the Boarders?

Our Boarders are under the supervision of competent and dedicated houseparents, who are responsible for the boarders’ round-the clock care and support, while a dedicated medical centre staffed by trained nurses is easily accessible in the lobby.