About MGS

Dato’ Lee Tian Hock

In 2014, a spirited and determined man conceived of a new school where children could thrive in a glorious, globally-progressive environment, either close to their families or within a homely boarding situation.

From humble beginnings and frustrated by his own school experiences, Dato’ Lee Tian Hock, Founding Chairman of Matrix Concepts Berhad, realised his ambitions and set the benchmark in educational design by building Matrix Global Schools made up of a Private School & International School. This resulted in a grand campus nestled in a green safe haven in Seremban, Malaysia.

Arguably, this is one of the most beautiful education establishments in Asia, with its crowning domes, towering pillars and vaulted ceilings which welcome students from around the world. The school is designed not only to impress from the outside. inside you’ll find state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, a theatre and libraries. The sports fields and the stadium surround an impressive athletics track.

An acknowledged leader, Dato Lee understands all too well that to thrive in our globally connected world, you need more than examination certificates. His vision is to develop well-rounded graduates, ensuring ‘lessons are for life’ and that each student maximises their full potential, inclusive of logical, critical and creative thinking.

The British international and Malaysian curriculum schools both share one campus and the same guiding principles. Here East meets West and students enjoy the best of both worlds. We blend the progressive teaching and learning methods of the West and from the East we benefit from the academic rigour and the avid determination to succeed. In addition, the school offers holistic opportunities for students to learn from different cultures and communities while developing different leadership styles.

In 2019, to guarantee the school’s mission for innovation and academic excellence, a partnership was formed between Matrix Concepts Berhad and Bonanza Educare Sdn Bhd. The extraordinary partnership ensures the very best of modern educational practice with a strong focus on quality teaching and learning.

Today the campus’ crowning glory is found not in its domes or grand architecture but in the hearts and minds of its students and teachers.

About MGS

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Leadership Team

Our teachers and staff leaders are instrumental in connecting the vision and action in the school. The core of every child’s success is through their dedication and passion to provide quality education.

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Vision & Values

To be ‘second to none’ or Nulli Secunda. We are about bringing out the best in everyone – teachers, staff, students and everyone in the community. That’s the way of Matrix Global Schools.

About The Campus

Built to facilitate learning in the 21st century. Every inch of the building is designed to create the best possible learning experience.

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It is the people who create quality education. We are searching for passionate and inspired changers to join us.